Long black MBA (story)

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Kajje, Apr 21, 2016.

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    Dec 6, 2012
    The long overdue holiday was finally happening! A hotel 1 international, 2 domestic flights, 2 hours drive and 2 hour boat trip away. Far from civilization. I still had to do some work and the hotel website learned me they got wifi. So I brought my MBA.

    I ordered a coffee at the beachfront cafe. A split second of lost attention and it happened. The full cup spilled all over the keyboard. Started to dip off the spoilage with a bunch of paper napkins. After the surface was min or less dry I hit the power button to turn the macbook off.
    Out of the trackpad edges came what once was an enjoyable drink. Closed the lid, packed up and started to think of a rescue plan. WT friendly F just happened!?!?!

    If that wasn't enough the coffee gushed out of the USB port and the edges of the back lid. This was a disaster! My holiday just started, I needed my computer and was days away from the nearest Apple store.

    Back in my room I quickly got support from the front desk who sent over a mini screwdriver toolkit, napkins and a bottle of medical alcohol. At this moment I'd rather had a bottle of the drinking kind really.

    Armed with a pocket knife I managed to unscrew the pentalobes. Took the better part of an hour. Finally the back lid surrendered and an intensive smell of black brew entered the room. It's incredible how just 20cc of coffee can look like litres once it enters a place it doesn't belong.

    I never opened a MBA, never needed to - there isn't any serviceable part anyway. Completely unprepared I took out every screw and dissected the Mac headless-chicken-wise to its bare bones, in a way that would even make iFixit proud. Stripped the LED plastic sheet cover of the keyboard, took out every single key, nut and bolt, and cleaned it up with the alcohol.

    Six hours later everything was back assembled and the Mac is back. I've ruined the space bar and part of the keyboard backlight is not working anymore. That and a smell of foul coffee will keep reminding me of how lucky I was. That Macbook Air is one hell of a strong machine!
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    Aug 8, 2006
    Elk Grove, CA
    Glad it has survived its 1st (and hopefully last) battle scar!

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