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    Apr 17, 2008
    First, Hi all,

    I am the owner of a small publishing house in italy, I founded it in 1992 and it has been growing slowly, but it is now one of the major publisher for noir story in italy.

    I currently have 5 employees, plus 1/2 part time students, that don't really work with computers.

    My current configuration is:

    1 Power mac dual 867 Ghz with 32Mb Vram and 1.25Gb Ram, 60Gb HD, that I use to work with Photoshop and Xpress, and filemakerpro, other than Word, pages, and 10 other applications for web surfing, mail, remote access and so on.
    I am currently noticing that it is becoming really slow.

    2 eMac 700Mhz 40Gb HD 512Ram; 1 is used for little xpress/photoshop usage, a lot of word, mail, web surfing, filemaker and various others little apps.
    the other one act like a server, sharing 4 filemaker databases, and acting as a file storaging (and backup on a usb external HD) for the business

    3 iMac Bondy Blue 350Mhz 512Mb Ram 2 of are used for little xpress/photoshop usage, a lot of word, mail, web surfing, filemaker and various others little apps. and 1 just for normal usage.

    and 1 iMac G4 Flat Panel 17" 1.25Ghz 512Ram 64Vram that my son uses to play some heavy graphic games, to model (but he is saying it is really slow) and to code with a program called unity.

    All the iMacs G3 are really obsolete and i want to replace them all, also, the eMacs are a bit slow when they are used for filemaker and xpress, even if they are used for smaller files; the Power mac is quite good, but i am in need of the new xpress, and I am thinking of replacing the iMac G4 because my son is getting better and better in school (high school) and he would need a newer one.

    Money isn't really a big problem, but i'd like to stay on a low budget that can let me live without upgrades for another 5/6 years, since i am also in need of other investiments.

    My son suggested me that configuration:

    Power Mac---->Mac Pro 8-core 4 Gb ram and 500Gb HD for same works
    eMac (not server one)---->iMac 20" 2.4GhZ
    1 iMac G3--->eMac
    1iMac G3---->Imac G4
    1iMac G3---_>PowerMac
    emac Server stay the same, but the file server would be a time capsule, connected via gigabit ethernet/100ethernet to the lan, and backup would be done on an external HD by the server.

    the Home iMac G4 would grow to a 24" 2.4/.8 Ghz iMac

    I am waiting for new iMac intel to come out (hoping for 4 core model) before buying.
    I would buy ram from third party, since i can get tons of it for retail prices.

    What do you think of that configuration?
    Would the 4 core Mac Pro do a as good job as 8 core and let me save 500€?
    is an iMac 2.4 different a lot from 2.8? would it be good (with 512 Vram, i hope they will update) be good for 3d model editing, rendering and animating, not professional, but not a low level.

    Do you know decent Gigabit ethernet switches/HD for a lan, i am getting Time capsule since i don't know nothing better, but i would prefer a gigabit router with 4/8 ports and a ethernet gigabit HD with low cost (total 300€*max.)

    Also, would an xServe improve that much my Business, if correctly managed?
    express your ideas please, i really need help.

    Thanks in advance for help
  2. Eraserhead macrumors G4


    Nov 3, 2005
    If you want a serious backup solution time capsule isn't suitable. Something like http://www.draytek.co.uk/products/vigor2820.html might well be suitable for a router but I'm not sure.

    EDIT: http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=471591 may be helpful on this.

    For the computers, upgrade them all to Intel. PPC machines won't still be remotely current in 5-6 years. Note that the iMacs now have glossy screens so may be unsuitable.

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