Longest lasting battery iPod?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by backinblack875, Jul 9, 2014.

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    I'm going to be going on "trip" you could say for about 3ish weeks and will have very limited access to means of charging my electronics. I have an iPhone but this will not satisfy my requirements. So my question is which iPod has the longest lasting battery?? Preferably between the nano and shuffle because I'd like a small and cheap iPod. Don't care too much about size. Also any generation. Thanks
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    Longest lasting period is going to be an iPod classic with a CF card in place of the HDD. Tarkan Akdam did a playback test with one and got a very impressive 54 hours and 15 minutes! :eek: This was with a 7th gen Classic, a new 850mAh battery, the iFlash adapter, and a CF card.

    Otherwise the longest lasting readily available iPod is the touch as far as straight playback goes, without touching anything. Also pricey.

    The current iPod nano clocks in at up to 24 hours, and the classic is rated for 36 hours.
    I use a classic and a 5th gen thick CF modded iPod in my truck and charge around once every 10 days with a good amount of usage.

    So, modded classic for the #1 spot, then the touch, then the normal classic. If I had to choose one off the shelf though, it'd be the classic.
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    May 26, 2013
    Get two external 20000 mah powerpacks problem solved ;) !
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    I agree with repentix - whilst the Classic would be a good solution, it'd be much easier (and cheaper) to get a nano or a shuffle and one or two really beefy battery packs. They should last you a while.

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