Longtime Apple Board Member Mickey Drexler to Retire in March

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    Mickey Drexler, who has served on Apple's Board of Directors since 1999, will retire at the end of his current term, according to a new shareholders filing. Drexler's term ends at the annual shareholder's meeting, on March 10, 2015. A replacement for Drexler has not yet been chosen.
    Drexler is the CEO of JCrew and was formerly the CEO of Gap, where he's widely credited for the chain's popularity during the 1990s. Jobs brought Drexler in to help define Apple's retail store goals at a time when its retail push was just beginning. Ron Johnson was hired during the same time period, and the first Apple Stores launched in 2001.

    Drexler is the second longtime board member to leave the Apple Board of Directors in recent months, with Bill Campbell retiring back in July of 2014. He was replaced by BlackRock's Susan Wagner.

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    Article Link: Longtime Apple Board Member Mickey Drexler to Retire in March
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    Carl Icahn…. come on down! There's an open spot! :D
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    It is amazing that at his age he still has it. Gap was the in thing during his tenure and has lost its luster since his departure. JCrew has also done much better under his tenure. I dont know what his impact to the Apple stores was, but certainly they have done better than any retail store in any industry.

    Wish him well in his retirement.
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    He was undoubtedly an invaluable resource for Apple's retail team.

    Gap was never the same after he left, and he did an amazing job turning J. Crew around.

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