Longtime iPhone Owner to S6 Edge?

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by maka344, May 4, 2015.

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    Hey all. I have posted a couple of questions in this part of the forum recently.

    I have been getting bored of iOS for a while now, after upgrading, a few months later I seem to get the feeling of 'ok, what now' what's next? iOS hasn't really changed that much in recent years, fails to excite me and I'm bored of the same old design. JB offers a little more customisation however, you compromise a couple of things hence I stopped when Apple allowed us to 'change our wallpapers'. I dislike Apple for thinking they know best. It's like having a Mercedes Benz but being restricted to 30mph.

    I have been keeping an open interest in Android products for the past year but to be honest, I'm a fan of premium hardware, the previous plastic Galaxy range just didn't cut it for me, even the Note 4 with its plastic poor quality feeling back cover (although, I loved the front when I saw a friends). I love Apple's hardware quality, the feel, the design and the elegant premium devices that Apple produce.

    Then the S6 landed, this is a game changer for Samsung, a premium design, with the latest generation of Android OS. In terms of hardware quality, the S6 is on the same level of the iPhone 5/6/+, this is the first time that another manufacturer has managed this and boy, are the tables turning. Apple will be scrambling over what to do with the 7 and I like that, as it will make them stop being lazy.

    So... I bought an S6; what a fantastic premium design. I customised it and played with it for a few days but something kept telling me that the Edge is where I wanted to be. So I returned the S6 and waited until I could find the S6 Edge in stock. I even considered the Nexus 6 but lack of finger print scanner and not as great screen/camera etc. stopped me but the appeal of native Android was also there for me.

    I now have my S6 Edge but there are a couple of niggles that are stopping me from making the switch from my 6+:

    Apps - Some apps are of a far lesser quality to iOS, Facebook for example is such a let down, it's like using a web browser. The iOS equivalent is far superior. I use FB often.

    WhatsApp - same as above, lacks in quality slightly compared to the iOS version

    Default internet browser and or Chrome - the rendering of webpage text is poor, for example, Safari on the 6+ renders differently and looks identical a laptop browser. The way it displays hyperlinks, when browsing forums, some replies are bigger than others etc. Can this be changed? I like my usernames/passwords in sync so must use Chrome really.

    Backups - I'm so confused, in the settings, it asks me to allow Samsung to backup my content but then Google want's to also backup my device. I'm not sure what is backed up and what isn't.

    Keyboards - I find the default keyboard ok, the iOS default keyboard is very clear, premium, accurate and simple. I find myself making mistakes with the S6 Edge version. I have tried Google keyboard and Swift however, I just don't like them. I do think the bigger screen helps with the keyboard on my 6+.

    Email - iOS mail client is solid, clean and brilliant, I hate the default client email on the Edge and I don't like the gestures in Mailbox, any good suggestions here? I prefer push and a clean simple interface.

    What i'd miss from Apple/iOS:

    iMessage - I really like iMessage, all my friends and family use it over WhatsApp, I use it to communicate with my friends in the USA, I also like the group chat capability. This is the only feature that again makes me think twice.

    Apple's support network - If I damage my phone, bend it, smash it, drop it in water, I can have a replacement 30 mins from my appointment (AppleCare Plus) for a small fee, what's the situation with Samsung and sending a device off for repair etc?

    Has anyone else been in my shoes and struggled with small niggles?

    I appreciate any help here.
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    Switched from the iPhone 6 Plus to the Nexus 6 so I can relate to some of this.
    I see where you're coming from. The Facebook, Twitter and Instagram app are mediocre and that used to frustrate me. That said, there are amazing developers that code primarily for Android and offer beautiful apps that I couldn't get on iOS.

    Examples: Pocket Casts (podcasts), Talon (Twitter), Weather Timeline, Morning Routine (alarm clock and other features)

    WhatsApp just got updated and I think it looks great. I'm a huge fan of material design and really do prefer it to the style of typical iOS apps.
    I experience this too. Android has a problem rendering text on vBulletin forums for whatever reason. It irks me but I've gotten over it, largely because I use Tapatalk for MacRumors and the other forums I frequent.
    The keyboard took some getting used to. I recently figured out that there are a variety of hidden keyboard settings, at least on my Nexus 6. I changed spell check to 'Aggressive' and I like it much more now.
    I use Gmail and love it. Their alternate app, Inbox, is pretty great too.
    iMessage was nice to have. For me the only real benefits were being able to see typing and read receipts though, so I can't really say I miss it anymore.
    Unfortunately there aren't a lot of options for Samsung specifically, at least not in the UK. You're probably going to send your phone off for repair and get it back in a few days. From what I've heard, they do overnight you a replacement phone to use until your phone is repaired.
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    These are all among very common observations or complaints for those first making the transition to Android. Some you can do something about, others you can't. As far as the Apple proprietary features (iMessage, FaceTime, Handoffs and Continuity), you just have to decide how important they are to you.

    Apps - Yes, there are some quality differences between the two platforms, usually because a great many developers go iOS first and often just port over the app vs. really optimizing it for the Android platform. That being said, more so than ever the differences in app quality have diminished, if there at all.

    Backups - just use Google. This will alway migration of your info to any Android device. Android backups are still a weak spot (though they have improved) vs. Apple because apps data actually being included in the backup is dependent on developers actually coding their apps this way.

    Web browsers - I have the same issue. Mobile Chrome is really not that great yet if you want to keep data synced across all platforms, this really is your only choice. There are better web browsers available but you'll lose syncing.

    Keyboards - Just keep trying new ones until you find one you like--that's the beauty of Android. I'm sure other's here can offer more suggestions--I use either Swiftkey or Google's keyboard when I'm on Android.

    Email - Who do you use for your email? This was also a sticking point for me in the past but I've since moved to Gmail so either use the native Gmail client or Outlook (my personal favorite on both iOS and Android).

    iMessage - One of the biggest reasons (but not the only) that I stick with iOS. The overwhelming majority of my regular contacts use iOS and I find it's the best messenger available on any platform. You can certainly live without it--question is, do you want to?

    There is a ton of new functionality to explore on Android. You're facing some of the same dilemmas that many switchers face. My suggestion is to stick with it for a few weeks if possible. Do some research--if there is a function you'd like to see on your phone, chances are it's available. Ultimately though, only you can decide if the new aspects of Android outweigh the elements of iOS that kept you there in the first place.
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    Nov 4, 2010
    i'm in the exact same boat.

    longtime iphone user (whos had the htc hero and samsung s3) and decided to try out the s6 (non-edge version)

    lots of things i miss about iOS.

    #1 is battery life. the s6's battery life is absolute garbage. it barely lasts a day and when i post about it on an android help forum, everyone just tells me to turn every feature/app/location services/etc off. yeah thats helpful. basically don't use my phone and i'll have great battery life!

    imessages for sure. there are lots of hacky android ways to be able to text from a computer but none are reliable or as slick as imessages. definitely something i miss.

    app quality is HUGE. even big apps like instagram and vscocam (two apps i use heavily) are absolutely pitiful on android.

    not to mention nearly EVERY SINGLE 'free' app i've tried is loaded with ads. you don't see the ads in the nice screenshots in the google play store, but once you install it, theres probably gonna be a mobile ad at the bottom. while you use the app, theres a takeover ad that just randomly appears. on top of that, most prices i've seen to get rid of ads are also ridiculous. i'm used to mainly 99 cent apps on iOS. on android, some ask for 3.99 or more just to get rid of ads. its awful.

    i've also tried various different keyboards and right now im just using the stock android keyboard. it definitely doesn't feel as accurate as iOS keyboard and the cursor drag option's performance is entirely inconsistent.

    lets not get into how a phone having 8 cores and 3gb of ram seems like a completely pointless talking point. i mean whats the point of 3gb of ram if i have chrome with a few tabs open, go to another app for a bit, then jump back to chrome only to have all the tabs refresh?? i thought android was supposed to have 'real' multitasking? whats the 3gb of ram even doing?

    i've also tested out some game emulators for gba and snes (i regularly have these on my jailbroken idevices) and emulators on the android side seem way slower and unresponsive feeling. so annoying.

    lots of other little things i can mention.

    but for now, i'm gonna wait to see what apple brings out in september and probably jump back on board.

    overall the s6 has not been the welcome change i thought it'd be.
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    My opinion is simple from running Android, Windows Mobile and iOS at one time or another. All for long periods.

    Android vs iOS vs Windows is all in the launcher. That's where you get bored. Nowhere else.

    Once your in a well made app... who cares whats behind it.

    No in app customization apart from the system wide keyboard.

    Eg, love Windows tiles, probably the best launcher. Android is great, clock and weather widget gets thumbs up.

    Hand over an iPhone to a non Apple user... flick apps... flick... more apps... hands back... doesn't 'get' it.

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