Look At This Guys, Tang Enbo Bond?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by SamIchi, Oct 10, 2005.

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    Aug 1, 2004
    My dad gave me a copy of some bonds that his friend told him to look at, to see if it's real. I looked around online, and it seems other people got this, but most likely fake. I thought, I might as well share it to my MR buddies to discuss. :D

    Here's one of the sheets he gave me:

    And I found this:


    Read under "U.S. Dollar Bonds".

    And also came across this:

    Go down to paragraph "IV)." Which seems to be tryin' to take advantage of the fake bonds... I think, I didn't completely read it, since the site didn't seem credible.

    I guess Tang Enbo was a real guy, who had a lot of gold or sumthing, I'm not sure I couldn't find any other information. Anyone else come across these things. Wow, 10 million, that would've been somethin'! :eek:
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    Oct 11, 2004
    On the Left Coast - Victoria BC Canada
    Total scam, of course.

    ""U.S. Dollar Bonds"
    We get many inquiries, mostly from the Far East, about these bonds being issued in the 1930's or early 1940's by the CIA to help Chiang Kai-shek fight the communists. It is alleged that they have been buried in caves by his generals and their heirs for years and have recently been unearthed. They are now being fraudulently offered to people at a fraction of their face value. This story is false. These securities are not genuine and do not bear provisions that even remotely resemble Treasury securities. Click on the thumbnail image at left to view a full-size image of an alleged "U.S. Dollar Bond" (599K JPG file, uploaded 12/12/02).

    Most of these fictitious obligations, on their face, refer to the Ministry of Finance of the United States and the Washington Bank of America. There never was a Ministry of Finance of the United States and to the best of our knowledge, the Washington Bank of America is non-existent. When confronted with this information, fraud artists still fall back on the "CIA did it and didn't tell anyone" routine. The visual appearance of a registered or bearer Treasury security is considerably different from so-called United States Dollar Bonds.

    There have been arrests and convictions in the United Kingdom against individuals that were alleging these to be obligations of the United States. Several other investigations are being conducted. Many of our inquiries come from West Coast law firms that are checking on the validity of these bonds for clients that reside in China, Singapore and Taiwan.

    Fraudulent "Federal Notes" or "Bonds"
    We have received hundreds of contacts about these bogus securities, commonly known as "Morganthaus" as Henry Morganthau, Jr. was Secretary of the Treasury in 1934. These "federal notes" are not currency, neither are they bearer bonds. They are in fact crude forgeries that appear to have originated out of the Philippines. The "story" being told is that the United States shipped them to Philippine freedom fighters in the WW II era to help with the war effort. Some "investors" have brought them to us in so-called "Federal Reserve" metal boxes, along with other related certificates, such as Global Immunity (file size 277K, JPG file uploaded 12/12/02), FDIC Insurance (file size 261K, JPG file uploaded 12/12/02), Gold Bullion (file size 325K, JPG file uploaded 12/12/02), shipping manifests and "gold" coins. These crude forgeries were likely made by inserting images of $100 dollar bills (Ben Franklin), $1,000 dollar bills (Grover Cleveland) and even $1 dollar bills (George Washington) into a computer program, then altering the amounts to read $100 million and $500 million, then adding coupons both in English and Chinese script. Most were then printed on modern color printers or copiers. These modern color printers or copiers did not exist in 1934 when these bogus notes are alleged to have been issued. The Treasury Department did not issue securities (bonds) in $100 million or $500 million denominations during the time period alleged in this fraud.

    The largest federal reserve note (currency) ever printed was $100,000 and was only used inside the banking system. For more information on this currency item, please review the FAQ at http://www.treas.gov/education/faq/currency/denominations.shtml "What was the largest currency denomination ever produced?"

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