Lookin for a phone will the iphone do this?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by greekman, Jul 15, 2008.

  1. greekman macrumors newbie

    May 18, 2008
    Currently I have the Sony Ericcson K550i unlocked with t-mobile
    -Voice Dialing
    -Wap Internet
    -2.0 mp camera(video recording)
    -Via bluetooth sending
    -Play games download off internet
    -and normal functions

    I also have the Ipod Touch 1.1.4 jailbroken

    Looking at the Iphone 3g as well as Verizon phones Blackberry thunder, Dare,
    and the Blaze Z4
    the iphone can do a lot
    -better internet
    -bonus gps
    -and everthing the touch can do

    What its missing and what i must know if under development
    -Video Recording
    Thats it.

    While Verizon
    All can
    -Voice Dial
    -Video Recoring
    -MMS SMS
    -Games (Suck)
    -Bluetooth (really only Verizon to Verizon) Lot of things not compatible
    -WEak internet

    Some can
    -Mobile TV

    So as you can see i am in a dilema
    My phone is awsome, got kinda boring
    Wanna do the same stuff it did thats it
    I am also planning on using SDK to make some apps if i choose iPhone
    Currently from what it sounds like leaning more towards the Blaze from Verizon
    Or even the Thunder
    All i care for is easy internet, Texting with some mms every once and a while(will I be able to recieve them?) and Video recording.
    Dont care for games, or voice dialing or anything else just let me know.

    Try to help me out. Thanks.
  2. DenniZ macrumors 6502a

    Oct 5, 2007
    Liverpool, UK
    No MMS, you may email it though(in the UK (O2) they send you a text with a link to a webpage to look at your received MMS messages). The safari web browser is one of the best for a mobile device. The apps for the iPhone are good, much better than others due to them being all in one store, and no looking around required. Video recording is possible, we're basically waiting for a app to come out. I can just about touch type on the iPhone so I can see you being able to touch type on it. The UI of the iPhone is alot better than others, the clincher for me was apple support, you can go into any of their stores and get a replacement for small problems you come across.

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