Lookin for an Ad company...banned from Ad Sense

Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by stera8, Oct 3, 2015.

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    So short story... I need a new ad company for iOS... any opinions on the best or should I just go with iAd?

    Long story is...

    I began Ad Mob in January on two educational apps. In March I added a game. In February or so I was suspended for a month and as I read about it, I acknowledged that it was my fault. When I programmed Ad Mob into the app, I thought I correctly put the developer identifier so ads didn't count against me. I thought that even though ads still showed up, Google would know that it was my device and just skip over the ad being shown. Obviously I was wrong.

    Fast forward to today. I was banned and I appealed it...2 hours later...they emailed me again saying still banned. I fixed my problems form before and all I could think of is that schools that use my apps have one iPad account for multiple iPads. For example, the district I teach in has 900 iPads under one iPad account. Due to this, could Google be thinking that it is one iPad?!?! I mean my numbers are low. lifetime since January I have made $64. I started picking up from $2 and $4 a month to $10 last month since school started. My CTR for impressions is lifetime 0.69% and 0.51% this month. I'm completely confused on what grounds Google had for deactivating. Even though I'm mad to lose $64, I have been reading on the Internet about other horrors...so on one side I am happy it is just $64.


    With that said.. Does anybody have opinions on current ad companies? I need banner ads for my 2 educational iPad apps and an interstitial ad for my iOS game.

    I appreciate the responses.


    just saw the thread above. Dejo- You've always been helping on here. Im thinking about just going back to iAd or StartApp
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    I've only ever used iAd and AdMob. If you are banned on AdMob, try iAd. Don't expect huge revenues. Also, be sure to set up your app so it doesn't appear to be the source of click-fraud. 900 iPads under one account? Is there another way for them?
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    Not sure. As the computer teacher I'm away from those decisions. Hopefully it'll change when the new delivery system comes out supposedly this month I was told.

    As for click fraud, I think I will change it from the bottom of the app to the top of the app, maybe kids hands are accidentally clicking on it.

    Thanks again

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