Looking at Getting New MBP but Still a Newbie

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by HowBoutIt?, Apr 17, 2011.

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    Can somebody help me understand whys the new MBP has so many components that I have no idea what they do and why they are added to this latest MBP. (Is a MacBook Air any better for someone who plays no games, teaches in a graduate online program?) I really need some pro help with this big purchase because from my other MBPs the latest ones see so different.

    what is the quad core intel i7 processor??????? what is the equivalent in the 2009 15" MBP?
    What is the Thunderbolt that has the high performance peripherals and high res displays? Are this something that is readily available or are these hard to find and is the single port the conic to a special port or is it a usb or fW port?

    Is Time Machine used all alone or can the LaCie 1t (if this is a good size or should I be looking at something deferent and something that a works better with the Time Machine?) I know these must sound really like I have no education in my life but man I am really sorry I thought the new MBP was just lie the 2009 MBP but from what research I have done it sounds like a new gaming machine

    any suggestions on the best speakers for this MBP? The H&K MM-1s? I have these on my 3 year old MBP but they worked fret for 2 years and then I need ed some warranty help aft I sent in the card and did all that I should but in both the US and the head quarters in UK rom the top tech guy, he will not give me any tech support, even if I pay to send them in. very disappointed about this and I never bought this company would turn their back on me and not give me the help I need to find out what has happened to the MM-1s.

    aAre the Radeon Graphics just for gamers? Are these not for professors who are teaching online courses using an online platform and graduate students. it seems like the new MBP is a totally different machine that is why I started looking at the New macAir.

    Can anybody explain to me what the FaceTime HD is all about? Dd this take the place of the eye camera and the small mic or what has occurred here?

    I realize there is a lot here, but I had no idea there were so many changes in the new MBP. I am kind of lost thinking I would spend a little time looking at the nw McmBook Air and the new MBP but the MPB seems like a gamers portable computer.

    I am open to any of the questions I have posed and need help in or the university I work for will most likely send me back to the Sony Vaio, which I will not go back to. They usually give one-on-one help but since Apple started providing one-on-one customer service the employer will not pay for me to get one on one hep any more but I should be able to get some decent help here. this forum has always been way better than Apple Forum, at least in my book, especially sine I am looking at a completely different machine.

    also, don't Forget if you have any input is the LaCie

    Thanks for any help anybody can giv me. I rally appreciate it.
    One finally questions, are the choices for the anti glare display and the gloss display still available/ I jabot s
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    So you want us to believe you are a grad school professor but you can't even coordinate a sentence properly? Sure buddy.
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    the reason youre not getting much feed back is because every question you just asked can be found on the apple online site. if not there then MRoogle.

    after you spend the time researching both of these sits you will have gained enough knowledge to understand every question you just answered. and it sounds to me like you do not even need new mac.

    not trying to be rude but come on.. you you dont know what a thunderbolt port is? its on commercials and all over apples website!!!

    just take an hour or two, or 10 minutes a day, whenever you have the time and read up on apple.com and then take that info to MRoolge and figure the rest out! hope this helps, it should because all the info youre needing can be found in these two sites
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    Canada, Eh?
    www.apple.com has all the infos. What you asked are beyond basic information... i bet a 10 year old would know that

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