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    Feb 10, 2009
    So I've been reading a lot of threads and heard a lot about T-Zones and an unlimited plan... I'm looking at getting two 2g Iphones, went to the T-Mobile website to activate an account and to get the ball rolling for the iphones and I couldn't find the T-Zones or an unlimited data plan anywhere (unless that's the 100mb)... I live in montana right now and will probably be primarily roaming, but I travel quite a bit to my home in Spokane so they wouldn't cancel me for having all roaming minutes.

    a. Will T-Zones work while roaming and in Montana? And if so how do I select this feature?

    b. Or should I get the 100mb for 19.99 because it comes with text messaging? Because the Text messaging is a must. (web2go)

    Please note that these are all family plans.

    Thanks a bunch!
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    Tzones is discontinued, but still working for people who already had it (like me:D). You can get the unlimited data plan for 20.00 that will work for you. Or if you aren't going to use the internet heavily, then I would suggest getting the 100mb option, with the texting.

    To see coverage you can go to t-mobile's website, and look at their coverage map for montana to see if you will get data services there.
  3. magpiper macrumors newbie

    Feb 15, 2009
    moving to Bigfork Montana
    iphone in montana?

    i am moving to montana in 90 days from san diego, california. i currently use the original iphone and was planning on upgrading to the 3g iphone next month before my move to bigfork. however, since i learned that at&t does not service montana 32 days ago, i am trying to find out what options i have. i located one thread stating celluarone as a carrier for the 3g iphone. would appreciate any leads on iphone usage in montana.


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