Looking for a 2.3ghz dc heatsink


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Mar 16, 2020
Hi!! I'm currently building a powermac G5 quad 2.5 air cooled. I know exactly what I have to do (I'm a cnc machinist). I'l have some cutting to do here and there on a wire cutter and a new mounting hole to machine but thats it.

So please, someone. I'm looking to buy a heatsink for a powermac g5 late 2005 dc 2.3ghz (same as pictured, 8 heatpipe). This is the only part missing for my project. I'm in Canada. I will pay the part ,of course, and shipping with paypal (direct transfer). You can contact me at my regular email address ' gabriel.meunier.savoie@gmail.com ' or on macrumors.

Please make this happen 😭 It will be the greatest quad of all time 😋

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