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    I have been searching various sites for a type of backpack, that i can use for city travel to train travel, that i can carry my iPad or macbook, that has a slot specific for laptops or tablets, and has a separate section that i can put books or snacks in it.

    the reason i need a specific bag is because i will be traveling to Toronto for the day, and would like something small that i can carry my iPad or macbook and but comfortable to carry around the city as i walk around.

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    lower cost would be to try the local consignment shops
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    I use this one: high quality and low observance:
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    I use sleeves for my MacBook and iPad because the laptop-focused backpacks have too much excessive bulk (padded dividers) that reduce the usefulness and storage capacity when I am not hauling around mobile computing gear.

    I use a cheap Jansport daypack, the same kind that I wore starting around junior high school.

    This is far more practical than something full of padding that might also scream "expensive computer gear inside!!!" or "expensive photography equipment inside!!!", etc.

    Besides, the MacBook and iPad sleeves are handy for protection when I am just carrying around those devices by themselves.

    Anyhow, there are thousands of daypacks in all sorts of designs, patterns, colors, price ranges, etc. Good luck with your purchase decision.
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    Osprey brand (model Pixel Port) might work for you.....it is available in LL Bean retail stores and also online at LL Bean website and also on the Osprey website and I think Amazon, too. It holds both an iPad and an MBP.

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