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Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by itzfufu, Jun 22, 2011.

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    Jun 22, 2011
    Hey there,

    I've been looking for a software for days, to convert PDF files into digital books/magazines and I get really exhausted, because most of the software is for PC Users only. :mad:

    It has to meet several requirements:

    - the converter has to export an "offline-reading" file (as well as html for online), because one of my projects contains an ebook, which has to be downloaded and paid for
    - the exported "offline-reading" file should be NO .exe file (my downloads shall be platform independend)
    - zoom in and out function, hyperlinks to URLs and email with directly opening new browser windows via click
    - flexible/editable table of contents (some of my projects need a toc, others definitely don't)
    - customizable layout for each project, like different themes or something
    - it has to be possible for me, to sell flipbooks to my customers (I own a small advertising agency and there are some customers who would love to have their own flipbooks)

    The listed functions above are the ones, that I inevitably need for my projects.
    Of course, things like "sharing on facebook" or something are a nice feature, but first of all, I need these basic things to be done.

    I am targeted to an independend desktop software, because I don't want to use an external service for converting flipbooks, every time I need a digital edition to be done.
    Concerning online editions, I want to host the files myself (or on my customers server), so I am not looking for further services, other than the converting software (no monthly fee for some server hosting, I don't need, please.). I found tons of pages in the internet "We convert your flipbook in 5 minutes", but I definitely don't want to upload a whole ebook (for which other people spend money) somewhere in the www :eek:

    I've tested some free demo versions already, but I am not very happy with it:

    1. PDF-to-flash-converter from ********
    Crashes all the time.
    Crashes, while choosing an individual layout-style.
    Crashes, while exporting.
    It seems, the only thing it does, is crashing.
    Plus, I couldn't find information, if it can create a TOC.

    2. axmag
    I've read about axmag a lot in different forums and I've exported a working demo file with it.
    Unfortunately every flashplayer and every webbrowser freezes, when I click on a hyperlink, which is embedded in the flipbook.
    TOC is a question mark as well.

    3. IHDP (InHouseDigitalPublishing)
    Definitely a very nice software.
    The Demo produced a very nice flipbook and it can create an individual TOC.
    But looking at the charge, I thought I had to faint. They demand $4.000 for a version for commercial use for yourself and even $6.000 for a commercial version and the license to sell flipbooks to your customers.

    4. 3d-book
    Looks like a nice software, but cannot import PDF Files.

    5. iFunia
    The demo version works fine, but the exported file seems not to vectorize the font correctly. It looks a little fuzzy, instead of sharp.
    Also, I couldn't find a TOC option.

    6. 3D issue
    Haven't tried it, yet. Demo already downloaded.

    7. Adobe InDesign
    Because I am layouting some things anyway, I inspected the InDesign Flash Export function, too. You can get the page turn effect as well, but that's it. No zoom, no TOC, no hyperlinks - just page turning effects.
    That's unfortunately not, what I am looking for and I cannot build the other functions in flash on my own.


    You can easily see that I've tried and searched a lot, to find a software, which can convert my PDF files to a nice flipbook.
    I am starting to get nuts, because I can't see another solution than finding someone with a PC and torturing him/her every time, I have something to convert into a flipbook. For Windows there seem to be tons of softwares for that (even for free), but for Mac there is just nothing.
    Either they are not working or they are that expensive, that you want to burst into tears, like IHDP.

    Sorry for the wall of text, but I hope, that somebody can help.
  2. ukjabber macrumors member

    Sep 27, 2007
    I just bought this one recently. Works very well. Very easy to configure, very quick and dead simple to upload. I'd highly recommend it even more so for beginners just starting out in outputting flipbooks.

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