Looking for a good multifunction laser printer

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by turtlebud, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. turtlebud macrumors 6502a

    Jul 17, 2002
    I have a brother laser printer & a hp photosmart C4180 right now. I don't print pictures or color, so I'd like to combine these two printers into one. Basically I'm looking for the following functionality:

    1. laser printer
    2. automatic duplex printing - not the kind where you have to flip the paper over yourself (conserves paper)
    3. good mac support (ie, scanning functionality on a mac - I have vuescan, but it doesn't support all the MF that I'm looking at right now)
    4. not power hog/hungry (my brother makes my UPS, which is plugged into a different outlet, to go into battery mode temporarily whenever I print something)
    5. relatively small/medium footprint - i'm trying to save room on my desk (which is why I'm consolidating my scanner w/ my laser printer)

    Other things that would be nice, but aren't necessary are:
    a. card reader
    b. under $250 (but I wouldn't want to go above $400)
    c. network ready/capable

    It's been a struggle cause ever printer seems to have some, but not all the 4 features I'm looking for.

    Canon MF4270 is almost ideal (lower power consumption, duplex printing, network ready), but the big problem is no mac support for scanning.

    The Brother printers have good mac support, but I've read they are still power hogs. I was looking at the MFC-7820N, but it doesn't do duplex.

    The Samsung SCX-4500 looks so sleek, but no duplex printing, and I've heard spotty mac support.

    The HP LaserJet 3055 has support for the mac, and I don't think is a power hog, but no duplex printing.

    I'm really hoping I just missed a printer or two that does fit all of the above criteria. Any suggestions?

  2. theotherguy macrumors member

    Oct 16, 2007
    I have MPC 7820N

    It doesen't do duplex, but when I print I just have to set that in the print settings before I send it and then manually flip them around (no biggie, and it prints fast enough).

    The thing I like about it most is the LAN works with my airport via Bonjour. I have a MB and can just send my papers to the printer with no wires AND scan docs and have them sent to my macbook in the other room, (they just show up on my desktop on the MB). It uses a log of power at start-up (lights dim & it spits a lot of ozone), but other than that it's a workhorse.

    I got mine (refurb) from Staples for $150, maybe check there. It's by far the best printer I've ever used. Although I never see myself needing a card reader on a printer (I'll never understand that feature on printers).

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