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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by haravikk, Sep 22, 2008.

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    May 1, 2005
    Okay, I currently have a Linksys budget router, but it's dying on me as it can't handle the traffic from my main machine. It seems to be bittorrent that it doesn't like, but it just grinds to a halt which is frustrating, as my previous budget (about 1/3rd of the price!) router handled it fine, but the power-supply in that went and fried the whole thing, though it occasionally had trouble with too much log information being generated all at once.

    So anyway, I'm looking for recommendations on a really good wired router, my requirements are a minimum of four ports, preferably a compact device (not a rack-mount thing!), and I'd really like one that supports good bandwidth management (QoS) tools so no computer can hog the whole network, and games etc. are always responsive.

    Additionally it'd be nice to have gigabit ethernet, but it's not a requirement, fast ethernet is fine.

    My maximum budget is £100, I'd prefer to pay less but don't want to get something that's going to be cheap crap like the current one.

    So, what do people have that are good? So far one possibility I found is the D-Link DIR-655/B which sounds quite good, but it's also a wireless router which I don't really require as I have two airport express base-stations, besides-which the router needs to be close to the modem, which is poorly situated for wireless anyway.
    There's also the cheaper D-Link DIR-636 which also has QoS and seems quite good.
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    I think you may have answered you own question :) ... D-Link make good routers. I know they're recommended by a number of ISPs in this country.

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