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Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by RedTomato, Feb 10, 2010.

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    Soz if this is the wrong place to post it, but it's design linked. My partner and I and our two kids are moving from a 1 bedroom flat into a nice 3-bedroom house.

    It's pretty old, from 1937 and needs rewiring so we're having a complete rewire and redecorate. My partner and I are both deaf, so lighting is pretty important to us. We don't want to stick with 1937's concepts of light location and light levels (one bulb in the centre of each ceiling!)

    Can anyone here advise on interior light design, or where to find someone to advise us / draw up a wiring plan for the electrician?

    Many thanks :)
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    think simple.

    Mock up a drawing of the plan. then copy it so you have a blank one to do whatever you want on. get an idea of what lights you want.
    i.e Downlights, spotlights, uplighters, pendant lights etc.

    then just draw them where you want them. and give it to the electrician.
    if needs be you can go get the light fittings and say " hey, Fit these."

    one thing to get advise on is possibly LUX levels. this is the amount of light within a room. A good electrician will tell you if you have too much or too little.

    get an electrical company involved and tell them what you want, im sure they'll provide. leave the wiring up to them. im sure they'll work out where to go.
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    I'd go with that basically too.

    We've just rewired our hourse due to a loft conversion. We didn't have a detailed plan (although it does help obviously) but we did have a drawing of how we wanted everything.

    I'd suggest looking into the types of lights (think eco friendly here due to newer regulations and running costs), how are you going to control them (remotes, dimmer, pc etc), do you want changeable colours, do you want the lights to be independently controlled.
    My office has 3 sets of 2 dimmable (rotate dimmer) downlights so I only need to have on the ones where I'm working for example.

    Not sure how easy something like this would be for you but it may be worth taking a visit to some stores which specialise purely in lighting and having a chat to see what suggestions they have or atleast viewing some lights in action.
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    If you still need help let me know. I am an interior designer in california but I offer long distance design services.


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