Looking for a Mac 'Downloading' app...


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Jun 14, 2006
Hi there,
first time poster!

I'm looking for a mac utility/app that allows you to specify a .url and batch download all file links on that specific .url (.jpg, .psd, .wav, etc)

So, not looking for an FTP app per say, just something that can rip everything off a page's links.
Does an app like this exist?


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Sep 4, 2005
iGetter has always worked well for me, when doing large downloads and I want to be safe from a connection dropping, or when Safari used to throw all its toys out the pram.

It stores partially downloaded files, so you can restart later etc. Its handy, not free, however you can use it for free with a 15-sec screen on startup, once that clears your up and away!