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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by kitki83, Mar 19, 2009.

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    Spaces works virtually the same way, except with open applications.

    Folders and subfolders pretty much do everything that that application does.
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    You don't need to get a program like that for Mac. As the person above me said, Macs are able to virtually do the same thing without any third party downloads.

    When you open an application when it is not in the dock, it will pop up in the dock with a little symbol under it(meaning it is open). When you close the app and it is not saved to your dock, it will disappear from the dock. (It will still be in your applications folder. Remember the dock apps are only SHORTCUTS to the application itself. The actually application is in User > Applications.)
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    its more I have 4 HDS in my MP, then some externals, then my ipod, some other drives then temporary files on my desk

    What I want to do is
    create area for HD
    area for devices
    Action area
    Later area
    Ready to archive area

    all in the desktop and I use stacks just thought this was a nice way. I can do this by making a wallpaper but my icons always reset to their location.

    Side Note: Is there a way to make desktop HD stay in a location specified instead of returning back to default location.

    Thank you

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