Looking for a new flat panel tv for my mother in law.

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by jc0481, Jul 1, 2009.

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    Well I am researching a new tv for mother in law newly remodeled house. She will donate her old tv to charity. I asked her what kind of tv viewing she would be doing. Sports, movies? She said "casual viewing".

    I know she watches the local sports shows on tv and some movies. I would say a mixture of it all. But if there are playoffs going on she will definitely watch that. She does have from time to time family over and usually sit anywhere in the family room. So it's not only her watching tv.
    She also has a new Wii that was hooked up to the old tv for a while. She told me she was more concerned with gaming systems causing more burn in images.

    I looked at the similar forums. But I just wanted something current. That's why I posted here.

    Her oldest son with his wife live in Washington. They got their plasma television in 2006 I believe. When she visited them a few months ago they told her not to get a plasma television. They were telling her about the burn in issues and it gets hot oh almost forgot the energy usage. They told her to go with LCD flat panel tv's.

    I defended plasma televisions when she mentioned this to me and I was telling her that they fixed these issues. The first generation plasma televisions were more prone to these issues.

    I just hope that I was right. I read the AVS forums a lot and that is what I gathered from here.

    She is currently looking for 42"-50" tv and her budget is $2000.
    She does not have an elaborate setup. No surround sound. She will be upgrading to a Comcast DVR in the future but not right now.

    She is kinda of a tree hugger and leaned more towards the LCD tv's upon hearing that they use less energy than the plasma's.

    I hope I can set aside her worries about the plasma tv's. She was just concerned because her son bought that tv and its fairly new. Just three years old. She was telling me this.

    Either way once I have the LCD and Plasma ironed out. I can focus more on the best tv for her.


    p.s. Would the new LED backlit LCD's fit with more of her lifestyle?
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    Feb 12, 2009
    chasing the ghost in the machine
    I don't think today's plasmas have those issues anymore...but I do think up to 52" LCD is king...sure the plasmas have richer blacks but most people use the TV in rooms with a lot of light where I live so I gravitate more to LCDs.

    With that budget look at the Sharp Acquos line in the middle of the pack and the Samsung LCDs on the higher end...



    Also make sure you read the reviews...my Sharp doesn't do well with Standard Def TV but most of my watching is from HD-type feeds so it's not a problem...could be a problem for your mo-in-law.


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    Mar 13, 2009
  4. imaketouchtheme macrumors 65816

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    Oh and I'm sure she'll love this feature about that Samsung TV; it's 120Hz so it can play the new NVIDIA Stereoscopic gaming goodness!
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    Mar 13, 2009
    I LOVE that feature..I repeat..LOVE IT!! Makes Blu-Ray's look almost 3D'ish.
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    Unless you're paying for it, bring your mother-in-law to Bestbuy and let her choose one she likes. No headaches down the road.
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    The best LCD TV I have ever used is one made by Dell. The build quality on the W2600 model my mother has is incredible - there are no creaking plastics and the base is made of stone, not plastic like you might get from other manufacturers.

    It also has the best array of ports I've ever seen on a TV of its size. Way more than she will ever need. The picture quality on 16:9 SD is also very, very good.
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    I own a 50 inch Panasonic 720P Plasma and a 42 inch Vizio 1080P LCD. I have been very happy with both. The way prices have come down she can easily get a great TV for $2000 or under. I wouldn't worry about the burn in thing on a plasma unless she's going to leave the game on pause over the weekend. And that wouldn't matter anyway because modern sets have an auto shut off feature. Have fun, I love helping others buy electronics, especially expensive stuff. Nothing like helping people spend lots of their money. :)
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    Well when I came over to my mother's in law house to help her with the remodel. She left the house with my wife and her son. So I got on the Internet researching some good tv's for her to buy. They came home and she already bough the tv. She got it from Costco. It was on sale so she bought it at $1,300.

    Here is the link on Costco's website.


    It's a Panasonic TC-50PS14.

    I was just wondering is this a good tv to own? I looked up to a good review on it but because its such a new model it was hard to find somebody that already owned this tv.

    I am still not sure on this tv. But Costco does have a good return policy for electronics. So I guess I will wait and see with this tv.

    Not as many features as I wanted it to have but oh well. Her tv not mine.

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