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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by gnome86, Aug 10, 2009.

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    Ok, I found an archived thread that gave me some advice but it is kind of outdated and didn't have the information that I was looking for exactly. I am looking for a PDA that is compatible with Entourage for Macs. I also need the basics: WIFI (optional, not a requirement) basic document viewing capabilities, bluetooth, etc. I have been shopping around and have not bee able to find in print anywhere where it outfront says works with Entourage but I have found a couple that might work. Any advice or help???
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    Entourage 2004 (11.2 or later), Entourage 2008, and Entourage for Web Services all use the OS X Sync Services to sync data with mobile devices. Here is Apple's list of supported devices.

    Depending on your server, you might not need to use Sync Services. If you're an Exchange user, then you can directly hook up devices that support Exchange ActiveSync to your server and everything automatically works. The iPhone supports Exchange ActiveSync, as do Windows Mobile phones like the BlackJack.

    If you're not connecting to an Exchange server, and if you want to sync data with another mobile device (or if you want additional sync support beyond what's built into Sync Services), you can check out third-party sync products. I've heard good things about The Missing Sync, which supports lots of devices like the iPhone, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile phones. I've never used Missing Sync myself, so I can't tell you anything beyond hearing good things about it from others.

    You might find it beneficial to post questions about syncing Entourage with various mobile devices to the Entourage public forums, where lots of Entourage experts hang out.

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    Nokia also writes plugins to make other phones, such as the N95 work with iSync (available from their corporate website).

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