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  1. ScottR, Nov 9, 2018 at 5:22 AM
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    May 11, 2007
    I'd like to find a good application for creating photo collages. I don't want to print them out, I just want them to be displayable on-screen. My thought is, rather than creating an exportable image file, the application will create a (borderless) window that fills the screen--or, in my case, both my iMac's screen and its second monitor's.

    What I have in mind is something akin to a slideshow app, but rather than showing the images in sequence, it shows them all together, at the same time (not as an overlapping stack). The original images would have different proportions (x:y ratio) and different sizes.

    Here are the other criteria/wants:
    1) this wouldn't be a Finder background--I use Pathfinder, so I can't see the Finder background anyway. So this would simply be an application that I can switch to, putting as many or as few other application windows in front of

    2) it would take a folder full of images and arrange them to create the collage--a separate one for each screen, resizing the images however would be needed to fit the screen (i.e., making them only as small as necessary to do so). So if I dropped a dozen image files into that folder, the application would them arrange them into the two separate collages

    3) if possible, that folder would be dynamic: if I remove images from or add images to it, the application will recreate the collage. It would be OK if it's not automatic (e.g., the folder doesn't have to be actively monitored); I can periodically refresh it. That's one reason I don't want it via an exported image, so I can make small changes/modifications easily.

    I have plenty of image editing applications, so I don't need any of those features (the more non-collage things the application does the more they're wasted).

    I know I had a few more ideas as I was falling asleep last night but I seem to have forgotten them at the moment. :)
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    May 11, 2007
    FWIW, I just tested TurboCollage, which seems close, but it uses a subscription pricing model, which really turns me off. I've never been able to get myself to buy into that.

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