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May 5, 2020
I'm looking for an easy to use program that would allow me to make my own cloud storage system that I could access from my iPhone, iPad, or Mac no matter where I am. The Mac I would use to host this cloud storage would be a Mac Mini 1,1 with a T7200 & OS X 10.7. Not looking to install alternative OSes for stuff like nextcloud, so it needs to be something that works under Mac OS X. Also preferably one that's easy to setup (I don't know too much about setting up servers and such). Thanks.


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May 18, 2017
Austin, TX
I'm 99% certain that what you're looking for doesn't exist, especially not for an ancient operating system such as MacOS X 10.7. If you insist on running a personal cloud on an operating system that was current when dinosaurs roamed this planet you will have to write one from scratch yourself ;)
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Six Evans

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Aug 14, 2020
Google: Mac OS NAS software

You will see several reviews and advice articles,
but mostly, in the list, you will see sponsored sites trying to sell you their specific solution.
These sales articles often include good explanations. Just be a savvy shopper.

Learn about "NAS" - Network Attached Storage - you can buy a ready-made NAS device or you can run software that turns you Mac Mini into a NAS.

You will need to make configuration changes to your home router.
Look to your router documentation for advice.
Learn what "Port Forwarding" means.
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Jun 24, 2020
I'd suggest looking into ownCloud if you really want to host this stuff yourself. There's a bunch of tutorials on how to get the server portion of it running under macOS, its just PHP for the most part so it'll run on anything. It's no harder to setup and operate than any other LAMP (or MAMP, in your case?) stack app, and there's client-side apps for most devices including iPhones as well as a web UI to access all your stuff.

It's got some pretty high profile customers using it, such as CERN, so that's probably as good of an endorsement as any.


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Oct 16, 2019
I just use a Synology and use the apps on my iOS devices and a synced folder on my Mac to access what I need. I don’t pay for any cloud storage.


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Jun 8, 2012
  1. I am searching for a similar solution. Tried WD MyCloud a few years back but bailed on it because you had to login via browser on the Mac (prefer something where you can drag and drop on the Mac) and the iOS software was so clunky (and only handled photos in a round about way.) Prefer not to become an 'admin' ~ set and forget.
    Temporarily using Relisio Sync btw (which is effective for anyone researching for syncing devices.)

    • Single location (self hosted) for data/files, accessible from any Apple device (local and remote networks)
    • Data on a NAS w/Webdav (works natively w/iOS files app)
    • Simple enough to set up and configure - set and forget - no fussing and daily/weekly tweaking.
    Phase 2 ~
    • MacMini server to act as host to remote in, which would be also media server (accessible from local and remote networks) Currently set up w/sonarr/raddar using Jellyfin for local purposes. Better still
    would be a way to access Kodi remotely...story for another day.
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