Looking for a reliable Macbook repairer in London

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Jul 26, 2011
London, UK
After much loyal service, my 17" Macbook Pro was getting a bit on the slow side. Whereas 2.4Ghz used to be the cat's pyjamas, it now wheezes a bit when I fire up Lightroom or something similar. But has it ever let me down?


So when I happened to walk past the Apple Store in Watford last weekend, and just happened to go in and look at the new Macbook Pro and just happened to go home and spec one out (nearly four grand for a decent processor and a 2TB SSD drive!!!) I did it with a tinge of guilt, like I was cheating on the old girl.

Still. What she doesn't know, right?

Oh she knew alright!

Closed it down on Saturday and all was well. Fired it up on Sunday - no WiFi.
Did the obvious, reset the SMC, the NVRAM, ran the battery down, and then, last week, with a sinking feeling, took it into Apple for some diagnostics, and they confirmed what I suspected - the Airport card had died.

"Oh well." says I, "Is it a cost effective repair?"
"Er, well," said the Genius, looking a bit sheepish. "Y'see we can't take it in for repair."
"No. Because it's a late 2011 machine we class it as... vintage."
"Vintage? I've got boxer shorts older than that!"

So no Apple fix for me. However, when I asked, he recommended a repair place that shall, for now, remain unnamed, who are Apple accredited and who apparently deal with vintage gear.

So I phoned them this morning, having had a look online and seen that a new card is available on Ebay for £20.

"Ring, ring"
/explains problem
"Nope. We only get stuff from Apple and they don't make that card anymore, can't help. Bye."

Clearly they are so busy they don't a) need the business or b) feel the need to be polite to people.

It has been suggested that I buy a card and attempt the repair myself, but having checked out a step-by-step guide, and looked at my fat fingers and the various DIY jobs I've attempted around the house, I fear I would be looking at a Macbook shaped paperweight in about 5 mins.

So I'm looking for recommendations for somewhere in the London / Herts area that could do the work, and just wondered if anyone had had any positive experiences.



Late 2011 17" Macbook Pro needs a new Airport card - any recommendations as to where to get it fixed?
[doublepost=1502712510][/doublepost]BTW, I'm back online with a USB WiFi dongle as a stopgap, but I'd really like to get it fixed if poss.
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Feb 13, 2008
Hi, over the years I've used this place for spare parts for repairs I do myself. They also carry out repairs, not in your area but you can send it in. Maybe worth a try if you can't find anyone local?

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