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    Hi, I just bought a late 2011 15.4 inch Thunderbolt Macbook Pro and am looking for a good external monitor to accompany. I love the Thunderbolt display but the cheapest I can find it is 829 refurbished. I am hoping to spend less than that. I was looking at the Samsung S27B350H and the LG E2742V as more budget oriented options. I would like an aesthetically pleasing display that offers great pic quality. I am not going to be doing any photo or video editing so IPS is not necessary and certainly wont be found for less than 600 unless I go with the Korean Catleaps. Any suggestions. I love the look of the Thunderbolt display and the picture quality is awesome. THanks
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    Both of those are 1080P monitors. They will look horrible at 27". 1080P is only good up to about 23" (maybe 24"). At 27" now the pizels are so huge that the image is going to look like crap. Monitor companies have been using these 27" 1080P monitors because they are cheap and people think they are just as good as the Apple Thunderbolt or the Dell 27", but they are not. Size is not everything (contrary to what the "movies" will tell you). Once you go bigger than 24", you need to go up in resolution to get a decent image. Besides 1080P whether on a 20", 23" or 27" is still only going to give you the same desktop "size" (i.e. you will still only fit the same size windows on the screen, just the 27" will be like using a magnifying glass).

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