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Discussion in 'macOS' started by lip5016, Dec 6, 2014.

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    Jul 11, 2014
    Hello! I am looking for a specific kind of note-taking app..

    Basically, what I'd like to do is something like the following:

    -I am taking an online course.
    -Each "Lesson" is broken down into 4-5 "sub-Lessons".
    -Each Lesson/sub-Lesson has anywhere from half a page to 3 pages worth of written notes or information.
    -I would like to save a hard copy of all of these into an easy-to-navigate word document, so that I can simply click through each Lesson/sub-lesson relatively effortlessly.

    Basically, I've tried using things like Microsoft Word to accomplish this task, which works alright, but not really what I'm looking for..

    Up until this point, I've just clicked the Enter button a bunch of times until I've reached the start of the next page.. The only problem with this is that after I get about 50 pages deep, something may need to be edited or changed, and then next thing I know, the formatting of the entire document gets all screwed up (since the spacing was achieved by just hitting the Enter key a bunch of times).. This results in content being spewed onto other pages and being the person I am, I can't deal with messy formatting..

    I would like an app. that I can basically "page-through" each Lesson/sub-Lesson, with each starting on a fresh page, specifically dedicated to that section, with no other course material accidentally pouring into it because of the formatting..

    The only thing is that some of the lessons are very short (which is okay), and some of them consist of several pages of notes (2-3 pages)..

    I'd like something similar to PowerPoint, in terms of being able to click through the "slides", but is more orientated towards word-processing, and does not require me to draw oddly shaped word boxes where I want the text to be.

    An easy way to visualize this would be to imagine having a whole bunch of looseleaf paper in your hand.. Each lesson would start at the very top of each page.. and then every section within that would also start on the top of it's own page.. for the lessons that run longer than 1 page, you would take a paperclip and lock those pages together.. At the end, you'd be left with pretty much exactly what I'm looking for, being able to page through each section, whether it be just by turning the single page or paperclipped pages that lesson is on..

    Does something like this exist? If anybody has any recommendations, it would be greatly appreciated!

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    Word has Insert Page Break. So does every word processing app I can think of.

    The most common noun for this feature is Page Break, but the verb might be Add or Insert.

    Find details using google search terms: microsoft word insert page break

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