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    Dec 9, 2008
    Hey guys,

    I do web and mobile application development (adobe creative cloud and browser-based work on chrome such as online advertising, SEO, debugging, inspecting, live editing), I also play around with 1080p+ video editing (rarely) and gaming bruh.

    I've been using a macbook pro 15 since late 2008 when the unibody's first came out. It was a powerhouse at the time, and after upgrading the ram and hard drive it's still fairly quick even by today's standards (gets hot as hell though).

    In November 2014 I built a custom PC because the mbp was too old to play good games, took forever to encode videos, and I just wanted something powerful to keep at home. So I spent about $850 and built a tower with an 8-Core amd FX CPU, 3gb gddr5 r9 280x amd gpu, ssd/data, coolng, etc, 4k resolution ready. Basically I have all the power I need at home for the next 3 years.

    Even with the SSD/8GB upgrades in the Macbook Pro it still gets hot as hell when trying to watch 1080p videos and the CPU reaches 100+ degrees. I think this is because in 2008 the standard resolution was 480p and 720p. So I need to sell this thing while it's still worth something.

    I'm battling between the iPad Air 2, the new 12 macbook, and the 13 macbook pro.

    (Only interested in base models, 16gb, 128gb, 128gb)

    - I wish the ipad air 2 could run OSX (like the surface), so that's a hard buy. I want to be able to make emergency edits on the go if I need to.

    - The new macbook 12 is cool because it is the future, I think all new macbooks will start looking like it. USB-c is cool, Fanless design, etc. I'm just worried about this thing getting too hot and not allowing itself to overclock in a pinch when doing things on the go.

    - The macbook 13 refresh is all internal, it has a faster processor and a fan. But it's just not as cool, it reminds me too much of my current laptop.

    The type of web development I do does not require insane resources, and when I need to encode things and play games I can just do it on my HOME pc. I need something portable for fun and work, and being able to do a somewhat complex task on-the-go very rarely. Do you guys think the 12 inch macbook packs enough juice for my needs outside of the house?
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    Oct 24, 2013
    Coming from a rMBP 13-inch to the new MacBook, I love it. I wouldn't get the iPad Air 2 (I have one and honestly it frequently asks me to put in the passcode to unlock because it's been more than 48 hours since I last used it).

    Your choice is between 12-MB and 13-rMBP.. but note that the 12-inch has 256gb base storage, not 128gb like the 13-rMBP.

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