Looking for an ADC to DVI adapter in Canada

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by simplymuzik3, Mar 22, 2009.

  1. simplymuzik3 macrumors 6502a

    Jan 29, 2009
    Does anyone know where I can buy an ADC to DVI (small cheap 25$ cable/adapter) in Canada? I know amazon has them but they dont have them on the canadian site. I checked kijiji, craigslist, ebay etc. I live in the toronto area, but I am willing to get it shipped from elsewhere. Can someone please guide me to where I can find the cable at a cheap price ($25-$30 CAD) and get it shipped to Canada. Thanks.
  2. JediMeister macrumors 68040

    Oct 9, 2008
    Only seeing this, not sure where you're getting the $25-$30 price range from...
  3. simplymuzik3 thread starter macrumors 6502a

    Jan 29, 2009
    Thats a DVI to ADC, i need it the other way around. :)

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