Looking for an app that will record all my calls automatically

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by jc0481, May 21, 2016.

  1. jc0481 macrumors regular

    Mar 16, 2005
    I have the iPhone 6s. I have searched a few of the apps to record phone calls. But most of them require to dial a phone number and then merge calls. They seem cumbersome.

    Does anyone know of an app that will automatically record a phone every phone call? Either outgoing or incoming?

    I don't mind paying a subscription fee if an app like this exists.
  2. C DM macrumors Sandy Bridge

    Oct 17, 2011
    Possibly some jailbreak tweak that might offer this, but that's about it.
  3. ardchoille50 macrumors 68020

    Feb 6, 2014
    There may be a reason that they are cumbersome - wiretapping laws. In some regions a recording of a phone call is not admissible as evidence if all parties involved aren't made aware that the call is being recorded.

    Just a thought.

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