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    I am hoping to find a decent id3 tag editor. I don't mind using itunes to play the media, but so far I keep the actual library externally to it and import parts at a time when I want to listen to it. So even if I change the genre or whatever in itunes, its only going to last until the next time I wipe it out and import the songs again.

    Im running the recent mavericks update of osx. I just tried a few, winamp seemed to crash and also not able to edit the tags. I then tried SimpleTagger and MetaX and I had trouble running both of them. I got an error saying they were from an unknown developer and I couldn't run them.

    Looking for an alternative or a way to get those unknown developer apps to run..
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    iTunes can be used to edit ID3 tags in the actual files. Just change your iTunes preferences to not copy files, but rather use them where they are. Any changes you make to the tags in iTunes will be stored in the actual music files.

    In iTunes > Preferences > Advanced uncheck these boxes:
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    Jan 4, 2013

    I was wondering if there was a way to do it with iTunes. Thanks.

    edit: got it to work!! I just wanted to rename this one group of new files. I found out you can bulk edit in iTunes by highlighting a group of files, right click and look for get info. There you can check a box and type in and it will apply it to them all. I tested it by removing them from iTunes and re-importing them and it took.. brilliant. Thank you once again.

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