Looking for an OEM White iPhone 4S Screen

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    Jan 20, 2010
    Anyone know where to find a REAL OEM White 4S screen?

    eBay and Amazon are almost for sure lies when they say OEM.
    I found one at a local phone repair shop for $39. Realized that the shade of white was darker than the OEM. Then, I ordered one off of applepartsstore.com because they claim to be 100% OEM, but that one came in and it's also darker than the OEM.

    Here's a picture of comparisons.

    The left is the real 4S screen, middle is the applepartsstore screen, and right is the generic $39 screen (with the real OEM home button). Ignore the captions on the first image, I sent these to applepartsstore.com to obtain an RMA for a return.

    Anyone know where I can find a REAL OEM white screen?

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