Looking for App to Catalogue Info w/Keyword Search


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Feb 2, 2009
Hello all.

I am looking to document and catalogue information and looking for an app that will do that but have a keyword search for an article available as opposed to just a general search of a word.

I am intending to leave this for my daughter so that she can refer to my knowledge on topics and she can refer back to it when something comes up.

An example would be a page on aperture settings to increase depth of field in photography. After writing the page, I would list the keywords photography, aperture, depth of field, camera, photography etc.

Then have her be able to search "Dads Brain" for what he knew about aperture settings by typing a keyword aperture for example.

Anyone know of such an app? Free is better, but one that works well is most important.

Thanks for any recommendations.



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Aug 9, 2009
Portland, OR
I am using DevonThink as my document and information repository database. It is not close to being free... but it is quite good.

I am attempting to move to an environment where I have no more physical paper to store/sort/file etc. Any electronic information that I want to keep gets put into DevonThink... and any paper that I get gets scanned with a high speed full duplex sheet scanner (Fujitsu ScanSnap), OCR processed, and then dumped into DevonThink. Then the paper goes straight into the shredder. The only "new" paper that I now keep are legal documents with official seals, such as deeds, certificates, etc.

It does support key wording, but I have not been using that feature. Instead, the artificial intelligence built into the app makes searching instantaneous and extremely accurate. For example... If I wanted to look up 10 year old quotes that I received for putting granite counter tops in my beach condo... I might type "granite, kitchen, condo, quotes" and I would instantly get a list of documents ordered by relevance... with the actual quotes up top (with long relevance visual bars), followed by quotes for other locations... followed by research I did on granite counter tops... followed by geology articles that I read that happened to contain the word "granite". It is very slick.



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Jul 11, 2007
DevonThink is very good; I use it also in combination with Leap 3 from the AppStore. Leap (which allows you to tag files) has a very usable interface while with DT, there is a learning curve. Both apps use the Open Meta tagging system so files tagged in Leap retain their value in DT and vice versa.
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