Looking for epub files, ebooks, or free documentation about OSX security, It, Coding.

Discussion in 'macOS' started by DrDomVonDoom, Mar 20, 2011.

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    It seemed, OSX security hasn't really been a problem for the majority of the population, but with OSX gaining popularity, it seems things may come to a head. I am interested in learning more about the OSX infrastructure, becoming Mac IT literate, know the in's and outs of it, become self reliant and become certified and hopefully, turn it into employment opportunity. I am looking for any and all free distributions of OSX security, OSX IT, Coding, and anything any MacRumors guru's might see as 'required reading' towards such goals, I am hoping to print out a compendium of these works for refrence.

    Thanks :apple:Heads :D
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    Actually trying to be helpful

    I'm actually trying to be helpful here. If you're going to be looking for employment soon, please try to use apostrophes correctly.
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    I think your first step should be to download XCode and explore it a bit. Apple's support documents/forums are a good place to start out once you have XCode as they provide basic information.
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