Looking for ePub reader with special needs? Help!


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Jul 6, 2011
I am having great trouble finding a good epub reader with the following features:

1. Standalone offline. No need to login to online account (such as that for Kindle).
2. Has built-in dictionary (English at a minimum).
3. Bookmark.
4. Able to search text.
5. Able to display book cover.
6. Able to display table of content (if ebook has it).
7. Has page turn animations, font change.

I have already looked at the typical ones, such as iBooks, Stanza, Kindle, etc, but none of them have all of these features I am looking for.

Can someone please help?


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Oct 27, 2012
iBooks has them all, I used for more than a year everyday and I'm happy with it especially the new update this week iBooks 3.0, give it a try
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