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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by answer348, Aug 27, 2005.

  1. answer348 macrumors member

    Jul 25, 2004
    I'm looking to move some of my DVDs onto my computer, and from what I know about it, I'll need a ripper and a compressor. I've already downloaded Mac The Ripper for the first part, and I was wondering what would be a good choice for the compression. Thanks!
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    Feb 3, 2004
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    whoa, whoa, whoa... easy there...

    you'll probably get alot of conflicting answers on this one. i would NOT recommend HandBrake - i used it once, and it was the last time. it was buggy, and slow. numerous other users have also commented on how slow it is.

    i use DVD2OneX to compress ripped DVD's. but that keeps them in the Video_TS/DVD format. (which may or may not be a problem for you). if you want to convert them to MPEG or similar, you could use FFmpegX, an OpenSource video/audio utility. that does take a bit of getting used to - but there's tutorials available and great help on their forums.

    but really - the first question you need to ask yourself is - what format do you want to compress the DVD's into?
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    Feb 17, 2003
    If not DVD -> ffmpegX

    A new version of ffmpegX was just released. The version now is 0.0.9t and supports encoding of fully QT7 compatible H.264 - with cropping and subtitles!

    So if you're not burning the stuff on a DVD, I recommend getting this software. Also, if you like it it's only $15 and you get some more functions and no nags. In my opinion this is the best encoding app there is.

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    Jul 25, 2004
    I was hoping to compress them into .avi or .mpeg

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