Looking for GameCenter advice.. a few questions


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Aug 21, 2014
I'm developing an app for my class and I am hoping to include Game Center in the app before it is submitted. I have used Ray Wenderlich's Game Center tutorial to help out where I have a leaderboard set up. I have a few questions..

1. Game Center works great where it loads up in the iOs simulator, but it does not load up on my phone. It also does not load up for my beta testers in Test Flight. Does GameCenter not show up for beta apps?

2. Can anybody point me to a good tutorial on how to include achievements? I am basically using achievements to unlock after every 25 points (when a level changes). I imagine I'll ultimately program something like...

if (ScoreNumber > 24) 
 [self levelTwo];
[self achievementOne];
3. Should I use something instead like Game Center manager?

Thank you for your advice.


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Jul 23, 2008