Looking for good deck, patio, landscape design software for Mac.

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Doctorsti, Feb 8, 2009.

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    I have been looking for deck and patio design software for my mac for a bit and don't really see anything that really looks like quality. Really there is nothing more then google sketchup which I have already but I need a program to tell me where and how to support the deck. I could draw what I want in sketchup but it's unlikely structurally sound, or terribly overkill and I waste a ton of money. I like the looks of the PUNCH software for patio and deck design but it's all Windows only. I suppose I could go out and buy a windows license and boot my Imac 3.06 up into windows but I wanted to avoid that if I could. Any suggestions?
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    PUNCH does have the Home Design Studio for the Mac, and I have it, but I haven't been able to get it to do what you're looking for.

    I'm looking at switching to VectorWorks Landmark, but that's more for landscape design ~ as far as I know, that still wouldn't help you engineer a deck.

    Lowes has a Java app that lets you create decks. There are a few limitations to it (I'm trying to add trim around the edges of the deck, and it doesn't seem to care for that), but it will "mostly" get the deck designed properly. I use the quotes because I'm not entirely convinced it gets the design up to code (the general building code, not local codes ~ the latter varies far too much).

    For my purposes, I'd prefer it if they allowed you to specify certain measurements that you know are required locally. Or, even, to get the design to support a live load of 60 psf, which is code (the decks it has come up with for me have been @ 52-54 psf, despite one of them using a product ~ to spec ~ that the manufacturer says is rated at 100 psf... )

    Trying to figure out exactly how to get around this, and get a good solid plan out of the deal, is how I stumbled on your post...
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    Also, check the Macworld website and see if their list of vendors are posted. They had some awesome 2D and 3D software at 40% off the sticker and my friend bought $500+ of their software. I'll ask her for the names of the software. PM me and I'll get you their info.....:cool:

    She uses the software for party planning and interior design 24/7
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    I recently developed web-based home and landscape design software at www.MyGardenPlans.com. The software behaves a lot like SketchUp, but is intended for home and landscape design only. It's also web-based so it doesn't require any installation. Granted that it's so new, many of the advanced features you'll find in Punch are yet to be developed. On the flip-side though, it's much easier to use. I'm very interested is hearing what you have to say.
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    Is there any consumer software at all that would tell you if a deck was structurally sound?

    *edit* just realised id replied to an ancient thread!

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