Looking for good EXIF editor app for iOS

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by soulsteelgray, Apr 28, 2017.

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    I recently moved from an aging MacBook Pro to a Windows laptop, but use iCloud Photo Library extensively. I miss the ease of editing date/time and GPS data in Photos.app. Is there a reliable EXIF editor for iOS that won't edit the photo destructively if I need to adjust date/time or GPS data? I tried Photo Investigator but was horrified to see it compress a DNG to a tiny JPG once I edited its timestamp, so now I'm not sure what it might do to a regular JPG photo.

    Any direction would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    I tried that one. It compressed a 10MB jpeg to 2MB. I guess that means it uses a quality setting far below 100%.
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    You can edit exif data directly in Windows. Right click on the image file, choose Properties.
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