Looking for good protection for Macbook Air


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Jun 12, 2013
I've just ordered my first ever Apple laptop, Macbook Air 13".
I am looking for a sleeve, costing up to $50, which would give good protection for the laptop.
I would carry it in a backpack, usually with books. The backpack has a separate laptop pouche, but of course an extra sleeve seems necessary.
I would like to protect it well from the books and, well give overall a safe case for it.
My main concern is for protecting the screen. If my backpack is full I'm a little worried that the screen is going to be pushed slightly into the keyboard, I would like to avoid that.

I was looking at 3 particular models, but new recommendations are more than welcome.
The most protecting one seems to be the Hard Candy Bubble, but I really don't like the design of it.
The second one, which seems protective but I'm not sure if well enough, is Thule Gauntlet . I really like the design of it.
The third one, which again looks pretty good to me, but I don't know how well it would protect is Acme Made.

Please let me know what you all would suggest.
Thanks in advence!


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May 4, 2010
I've had these aluminum unibody macbooks for several years now for school and work and I would heavily advocate against using a case. My macbooks have spent many days in my backpacks and on some long days it would slip my mind and I would forget it's in there and not give it the gentle treatment it deserves. No big deal though. These things are tough enough.

I've never had any issue at all. In fact, the one time I tried a case (clear Speck one), crap ended up getting inside the case and causing a few scratches due to the grinding of the computer and case.

Since this is your first Apple laptop I understand you want to protect it, but from my experience I quickly learned a case was a waste of money and caused a little damage actually. These things are designed to be without a case and survive.

Just my $.02


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Jun 3, 2013
I also bought a case for my first 2010 MBP, in addition with keyboard covers. Probably around $35-50 on then. Ended up not using it at all after a week or two. Those actually DAMAGES your laptop rather than PROTECT it. It's a scam.
Just get a sleeve and you'll be fine.


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Jun 12, 2013
I recommend instead of a sleeve or case getting a clear BodyGuardz thinfilm protection installed, especially if there is an outlet near you (they have one in the Mall near one of my local Apple stores). Costs $50 +$ 25 to have them do it right, but it totally protects the Air from scratches yet keeps it thin and light. I don't use a sleeve, but I am just a little careful about where I put it - so it's snug and not bouncing around with a lot of different stuff. It's too valuable to do it any other way in my opinion.

I also have one on my 15" MacBookPro, but I rarely travel with that since I got my Air in Oct. 2010. Bodyguardz are great.


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Aug 27, 2012
If u don't want the 13" to flex, you will have to put something very rigid but light between laptop and books, or just get into the habit of never lay down the backpack on its back, assuming the pocket is on the rear.