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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by pishtols, Aug 16, 2010.

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    Hi there,

    Recently got an apple Tv for my birthday. As all new users, was frustrated at its limitations on video formats (i have lots of TV shows and movies in avi.)

    I then found out about ATV Flash, which i purchased and installed. Good stuff, lets you play/stream everything. Although, i am looking into the future here, I dont want to store things on my apple tv, id lik to be able to stream, which u can on ATV Flash throuh nitoTV, although I dont get the fancy prancy menus like you would if you stream from iTunes, so i am looking for a good source which specifically is for downloading MP4 files. I could sit thre and convert avi's to MP4, but that takes forever, i think id be better off dowloading files from scratch to use in iTunes. Any good sites to suggest?

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    Aug 26, 2009
    If you use Firefox, you can use Easy Youtube Video Downloader (it's free) to download videos free from Youtube. Youtube offers many HD videos. I found some HD music videos from iHeartRadio on Youtube that are HD and iPhone 4/iPad/Apple TV ready. No conversion needed. They look and sound great.

    Of course, Apple offers MANY free TV shows, music videos and sometimes short films or documentaries on the iTunes Store. I've amassed a LARGE collection of perfectly free, legal, great quality content that's been offered by iTunes, including:

    Lie To Me pilot (HD)
    Nip/Tuck Pilot (HD)
    Bizarre Food first episode
    Monk final season premier (HD)
    Caprica pilot (HD)
    American Dad pilot
    Futurama season 7 premier (HD)
    Lost premier (HD)
    Justified pilot (HD)
    K-Ville pilot

    And much, much more. There is quite a bit of free content on iTunes at any given time, as well as stuff that is free on promotion from time to time. Check back every week for new stuff.

    There are Podcasts that are free as well.

    If you're looking for legit free material, there's plenty of it around. If you're looking to get stuff that costs for free, then you'll get varying degrees of quality. That's why I prefer to just shell for stuff I want and for stuff I'm only mildly interested in, I turn to sites like Hulu, the content provider's website, or I try to catch it on TV. The way I see it, if its worth owning, its worth paying for.

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