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Jul 16, 2009
I am looking for a med priced webcam from about 60 to 100 bucks that will work with my mac and my windoze computer. A wide angle and good mike is needed because i would like to try it using it , among other things, with some music lessons over the web. I read the logitech reviews but they do not specify mac compatible,... and I would need both windoze and mac. The more reviews I read the more confused I get.

Has anyone experienced this problem and found a decent webcam?



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Dec 24, 2010
Detroit, MI
I'm just asking to be sure, but if your iMac, Macbook etc's webcam iSight camera can be used on Windows, too, by any program.

If you have a Mac Mini, though, Logitech's webcams usually work on Mac. Sometimes it's just a bit hard to figure out. HERE's a pretty good list.


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The Logitech C615 works on both Windows and OS X out of the box (Logitech has a list on those), and would be "good".

The new Logitech C930e is also stated to work on OS X (10.7+) and would fall into the "great" category.
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Jul 5, 2012
East Coast of the US
Basically any webcam works plug and play with mac, and sure as hell it'll work with windows, so long as on Mac you don't want to use the ****** driver cd that comes with them (you don't need it :p) Ironically, I have a Microsoft webcam that I use on my Mac mini and it works beautifully.
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