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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by Lcpl Martin, Dec 17, 2009.

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    My wife's old mac book (which i hate using with a burning passion) Is slow, always has been slow and has had 2 hard drives go out on her. I will admit right now that I dislike Apple produces. I have had 2 Ipod's HDD die on me. The first was a gift back in 2004. The second i bought myself in 2005 after the first died. anyways I just wanted to put it out there so no one starts screaming mac hater. (I grew up on the old macs, loved them. But now not so much)


    Anyways my wife just bought photoshot cs4 and of course it wont run on her old mac. She has been using my pc for photo editing and likes it but she wants a mac laptop for her daily use since it is what she is use to using. My question is this. We are on a very tight budget but she really needs this for her new job and so What would you recommend for her? Don't need a huge screen since i have a 23in monitor at home for her to use while at home working. But do need a laptop that will run smooth and quickly. No game is really going to be done on it. Basically just need a laptop that will run photoshop cs4 quickly. links would be nice. Thanks a ton in advance.
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    Take a look at the updated macbook with 4GB memory. If you have an adapter for your memory card then it will be a good buy. Many cameras don't use sd cards anyway. For better access to an sd slot the 13" macbook pro and it can go up to 8GB but the white macbook with 4GB is a well placed money wise laptop. Screen size makes the 13" a bit cramped but the 15" goes up in price pretty fast.

    Question. If it's for a job then can it not be added in the contract or deducted for tax reasons?
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    Yea, she has the adapter for the cards her camera's use. Ill take a look at them. The problem I am coming up with is that I could get a pc for quiet a bit cheaper since i already have the software for it. I will keep looking around, my wife is heart set on a Mac for her laptop.
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