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Aug 18, 2020
A friend of mine is having trouble with the Mac servicing in our country.
We are now looking for some help into importing his Filemaker Data content application another database under Linux.
We are planing on giving a try to "symphytum" ('or another free software) to import all the existing FM data content a this new database manager.

Questions :
A - Are the Data Content located inside the FM application folder ?
I m browsing a copy of its hard drive and there are many files, and not sure where to look first.

B - Since some folder display a Locker, I 'm trying Both, My Linux Access Log PW and one short PW he gave mùe without success Through a Command line access first using Sudo:
But access is not possible and I'm answer that I can not have access to the wanted folder :
i.e sudo cd workfolder...

Any idea how I can get access to this Mounted Drive's protected folders ?
I can browse almost all the content files over this External Backup
Any help appreciated if you've done a similar process :)

*See Capture : Command line, Filemaker App folder on Mac


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Aug 18, 2020
A: The default save location can be found here, but the databases could be anywhere (if this is what you’re asking).

B: I hope you have several verified backups of this data and are not working on the live set. Apparently the Mac is up and running, why can’t you copy the files to external storage?

Yes this is just one of several sets of copy.
I think I have located some folder that could be FM data content, thanks.

The repair service could not bring back once and for all his Workstation to my friend, its obvious there is some serious hardware problem, and my friend is now looking for an option to switch to s/t out of the Mac world due to the inefficient local support that has been going on for much time now, before this failure....
So I m looking for him to know if I could import all the Filemaker data content some other database/manager under linux.
FYI : no, I m only working straight out of my Linux OS which has zero problem accessing all the Timemachine folders and files out of the box - a quite refreshing OS ability indeed :apple::D? - not to have to use an Apple System to do that, since I do not have access to one anyway no Mac machines nor Virtual box used at all during this process.

Thanks for any feedback on any possible Filemaker (convertion) or import utilities (online of local) to retrieve that content to some standard DB formats...
Thanks for the link
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