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Discussion in 'Apple Collectors' started by Makosuke, Oct 5, 2010.

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    This might belong in Marketplace rather than here, but since I'm not actually trying to charge money, I figured it was more likely to find interested people among collectors. I apologize if I assumed wrong, and kindly ask that this be moved.

    Cleaning out old junk boxes at work, and before I recycled this stuff I thought I'd ask if anybody wanted it:

    - 8 of what look like 30-pin SIMMS; they don't say what size and it's so old I don't recognize what they're from.

    - a couple of 72 pin SIMMs, maybe(?) 2MB.

    - Some kind of 1991 Techworks branded coprocessor card; no model number and I don't recognize the connector (32x3 pin block, looks a little like NuBus, but the orientation is wrong); it has a MC68882FN16A math coprocessor on it, not much else, so I assume it's an FPU upgrade.

    - A few 32MB iMac DIMMs (off brand, probably pulls from a 1st-gen iMac)

    - A lot of odds and ends from the guts of Rev B or rev D tray-load iMacs--CPUs, motherboards, optical drives.

    - An AAUI to 10Base-T ethernet transceiver

    - Some Phonenet hardware

    I also have some external SCSI drives, and ADB peripherals, keyboards, etc, but those would actually cost something to ship so they probably belong in the Marketplace.

    Probably all just trash, but if somebody sees something they want to go with a classic system, just speak up and I'll send it to you.
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    Oh awesome!

    I'll gladly take the coprocessor card, 1imac g3 motherboard, and 1 imac g3 optical drive to add to my collection! Please PM me if they're still available!
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    Dec 12, 2002
    Probably a PDS card of some kind. Does it have NuBus slots on it as well? If so, then it's likely a IIsi NuBus adapter; lots of those came with FPUs on them.

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