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May 14, 2021
Hi, I'm planning on getting the iPad Air 4th Gen. Looking for a case. My ultra old iPad went through 2 cases in a very short amount of time. I purchased a very expensive Belkin one, which had a leather flap. The leather smelt nice and definitely felt premium, but the plastic that you inserted the iPad into, cracked and fell apart very quickly. The second case was a cheap Chinese one that smelt of awful plastic/paint, had fake leather, which delaminated from the plastic and the rubber band that held the whole thing when closed stretched.

I'm looking for a quality product, which will last many years. Am I asking too much?

The case I'm after must be/have:

All around protection
Apple Pencil flap
Must be compatible with a screen protector. I plan on getting one of those magnetic paper like screen protectors. But the case must not bulge the screen protector where the iPad clips into the plastic backing.

Something like this:

But the price looks like it's going to fall apart in a less than a year!
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Dec 20, 2009
Bc Canada
Look into Antbox cases. Very nice quality, especially their upgraded version. A very nice quality leather, almost a suede like feel to it.

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