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Discussion in 'Alternatives to Mac Hardware' started by MacBH928, Jul 29, 2019.

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    May 17, 2008
    So I know almost 0 about PC hardware. I need a Windows laptop that will be basically a very light use, mostly YouTube.

    Here is what I want:
    1-Good built quality
    5-great screen
    7-For ports I need anything with USB-A and HDMI, but willing to over look if its worth it

    I don't need any power really, so 1TB drives, i7s , graphics cards...etc is no need.

    I have cut it down to 3: Hp Spectre, Lenovo Yoga, and Dell XPS.

    The problem is there are so many versions, just the Yoga has like 10 version. I am not sure about those 2-in-1 hinges if they are reliable.
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    It sounds like:

    1. You don't need a discrete GPU as you won't be playing games or doing GPU computational tasks.

    2. You don't need a 2-in-1 as that just adds to the cost.

    3. You are looking for best bang-for-buck, as some of those features put the class of laptop you need above a budget build. (The great screen, reliability, and lightweight).

    All three of those would work. And yes, that is one of the downsides to buying PCs.... There are models within models and each retail store has a different serial number. All three of those laptops would work. I have an XPS 15, but a higher end model than the one you would get. I like it a lot. I think if you can get the entry-level one at a great price, it would suit you just fine.

    But one laptop that came to mind, for your use case especially, is the LG Gram. It's decently priced for the specs. The screen is great. It's 15 inches. It's lightweight as all hell. I would look into it.

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    May 17, 2008
    You are not wrong, LG gram is a good choice. What bothers me about it is that LG is not a "computer" company. Its a little bit obscure. I will feel much more comfortable going with Dell or HP where computers are their bread and butter.

    How is the XPS screen? Do you think its heavy or light? Is it sturdy? XPS is my number 1choice for now
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    Sep 8, 2010
    I watched this a few days ago. Maybe it’ll be of some help.

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    St. Paul, Minnesota
    I understand on the LG.

    I have the 1080p FHD model. Non-OLED. So, the basic XPS 15 screen. I still think it's very good. It's bright, it's matte, color accuracy is average for it's class. For a 15" laptop in this sector it's actually one of the lighter ones, and yes, the build quality is one of the advantages of the XPS 15 over it's competitors. It's only beaten by the MacBook Pro and some professional-class laptops.

    Honestly, the major downside to the XPS vs. it's competitors - the huge thermal issues - aren't existent in the base model without the discrete GPU. It's probably your best bet. One thing I would research is find which model comes with the 97Whr battery, that's the one you want, because I think the base one comes with only like a 60Whr battery. Bigger battery, better battery life. And when you get the 97Whr, you get an NVMe SSD vs. a slower SATA one.
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    I saw that, and his pick wasn't that surprising, I'm not going to spoil it ;)

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