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Dec 7, 2008
Hey all. I here looking for fellow Monster Hunter players wising to join up on AdHoc Party on PS3 to do a few missions together. I've taken a break from the series after getting bored playing alone (not many people I know have MHFU or want to meet up to play it together), but with the US and EU release of AdHoc Party this isn't a problem anymore. I can party up with people online and have fun with the game again. :-D

This is probably an odd request, but if anyone here is interesting in playing MHFU using AdHoc Party, post here. Maybe we can start a MacRumor clan. :)

evan g

macrumors regular
Feb 9, 2008
I can! Add me on PSN: EvGar

I'm not usually on a hard line connection, but every so often i am and i hop on. i'll let you know when i am!


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Jun 6, 2013
been looking for players for quite a while now..

lmk when you want to play if ur still playing tht is..
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