Looking for new Macbook Pro


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Oct 17, 2014
Looking for a new Macbook Pro replacing my 15" mid 2009 2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo model... Love Apple products and only buy a computer pipeline product about every five years

I was wondering if people prefer the 15" or 13" rMBP? I like the current 15" model.

I mostly use web browsing, photo editing, paper writing, and make presentations. Not much video editing at all.

I was thinking of this model-
15" rMBP with 2.2 Ghz Intel i7
16 GB 1600MHz
256 GB or 512 GB SSD (I currently have 320 and don't know about downgrading?)
Intel Iris

Any recommendations would be really appreciated... Thanks guy.


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Oct 13, 2014
I just bought a 13" rMBP (Mid 2014, 2.6Ghz, 8gb RAM, 256 SSD) over the weekend, delivered Wednesday, and this is my first Mac ever (been iPhone user since 2008). It's so sleek and compact sometimes I can't believe it's real lol. There was just something about the 15" that bugged me, I think it's the speaker grilles next to the keyboard, idk, but I'm VERY happy with the 13".

My only recommendation would be to get as big of a SSD as you can afford probably. I originally planned my MacBook Pro as being just a web surfer/some editing but I'm quickly taking a re-approach to make this my main machine. It's that good!


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Sep 3, 2014
Well I prefer the 13" model since I carry the laptop with me around campus a lot. The old 15" was huge but the retina 15" isn't so bad. If you are going do some photo editing and if you use it as your main machine then get the 15". My laptop is only used when I'm at school so I prefer it small.


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Oct 18, 2014
I just got a 13" rMPB 2.6/16/256. After using it a day, I planned to return it back. But now I am loving it and no thoughts of going back. Buy it, try it. You will have 14 days to return it back.