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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by sine-nomine, Nov 9, 2009.

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    I need to replace my Canon SD630 with a newer camera, but I'm not sure which to get. Among the models I am considering are the Canon SD780, Canon G10, and the Panasonic Lumix LX3.

    My old 630 took pretty decent pictures, had a nice screen, was reasonably quick to focus and shoot, and was compact enough that I didn't mind taking it around with me. What I hated about it, though, was that it could not be zoomed (well, you could use the digital zoom, but who wants to) or focused in movie mode, and of course it came out just a hair before SDHC cards became the norm, so I am stuck with 2GB SD cards.

    The 780 seems like it takes comparably decent pictures - nothing special, but they do seem better than the 630. I also notice that the focus adjusts itself even in movie mode, and it can be zoomed if need be. I don't tend to use the zoom much, but it's nice to know that it's there if I decide I must commit the faux pas of zooming while shooting video. That said, it's not a big step up from what I have now. It's very compact and seems decently rugged, and it can use SDHC, all of which makes it something I'm considering but not set on.

    The G10 seems like a good camera to me, but it's a little big. I could tolerate this if it is rugged enough to take some hauling around, and if it takes really great pictures. It doesn't shoot HD video, which makes me not like it quite as much.

    I've read some pretty good things about the LX3. It seems like it would still be compact enough that I wouldn't mind taking it with me everywhere I go, but not quite as compact as the 780. What I have not found, however, is whether the camera will continue to autofocus when shooting video. Or, for that matter, if I can adjust the zoom while shooting video. I've heard that the image quality is really quite good, but not stellar at high ISO. I also haven't heard much about the video quality - the only mentions indicate that it is good, but they only say so in passing. I really like what I've heard about the camera, but I haven't gotten to see one in person, which makes me hesitate.

    I am by no means a professional photographer, and I have no aims to becoming one. I would just like a quality camera to carry with me that will let me record my memories, whether in stills or video. I am not currently interested in a dSLR, though I will be one day. I would like to keep the price around $500 US. I want to be able to use the camera for years to come. I am specifically interested in quality images in a variety of light levels, quality video, the ability to focus while shooting video, the ability to use the optical zoom while shooting video, and I would prefer that it use SDHC rather than compact flash or memory stick.

    If anyone can share their opinions or experiences with the 780, LX3, or any other cameras that may work for me, I would really appreciate it. Thank you in advance.
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    Panasonic makes good point and shoot cameras. I used an FS 15 before I got my dslr. I never shoot video so I can't say about that. Battery life and everything else about my "pocket camera" is more that ok for what it's meant for. Here is the link to the DP review article on the FX 3.


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    the LX3 is about as good as point-&-shoots get in image quality at both low and high ISOs. keep in mind the lens doesn't zoom very much, though it starts out pretty wide - 24-60mm equivalent vs 36-1xx for most other cameras. I dunno anything about the video, so I can't comment on that.

    the G11 and S90 should be considered as well, though the don't have HD video - but then again, just because a camera has 720p doesn't mean it's any good. Gizmodo was satisfied with the G11's video, anyway.
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    Thanks for the suggestions, Toxic. I am liking what I see of the S90, even if it doesn't shoot in HD. So far, I am really leaning toward either the LX3 or the S90, but I have since found that neither can be focused while recording video. Either one of these would be essentially perfect for me if they would just do that one thing. Argh! I don't know why they make them where they don't.

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