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Jul 12, 2011
Currently use an iPhone 7. The plus size was always too bulky for me. Looking to upgrade, and debating between the Xs and Xr. From what I've seen, the Xr will have better battery life, slightly larger screen, but lacks a dual camera and force touch on the screen.

Is the only difference between Xr and Xs the camera, force touch and OLED (and a slightly smaller screen)?

How is OLED better than LCD?

I am looking to buy a phone that will last me a good while, since they are very expensive, I want to make the best choice. I thought I would miss force touch, but realized my iPad doesn't have it, and there are work arounds... like on the home screen, you can manage reminders by clicking view.

So... opinions? Definitely appreciate any input. Thanks!

now i see it

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Jan 2, 2002
If you're aiming to keep this next phone a long time, waiting is the best option. When all the phones are available in the stores to play with - check them out. Then you can choose your favorite. Theyre all good phones. Just slightly different.


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Nov 16, 2017
I bought the Xs and I think this is the phone I will have for the next 2-3 years hopefully. I currently have an 8+ and the biggest reasons I am switching are for Face ID and the smaller size. I think phones have mostly plateaued at this point and it'll be the watch seeing the larger year-over-year upgrades. If you're planning to keep it awhile you might as well spend the little bit extra for the nicer camera and OLED screen. Just my opinion though.
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