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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by wrxguy, Jan 13, 2008.

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    I am a current digital filmmaking student at the Art Institute of Los Angeles. I am looking for any advice on a good deal for a quad intel, g5 PowerMac. I am checking a few different places including the possibility of buying a new one, but places like craigslist seem to not pay off very well. I did find a few places that are official apple resellers, and they refurbish and sell mac's at a discounted rate.

    So any advice, on places to buy, places to stay away from or anything like that will help me in my accademic future as well as my profesional future. I have all my own equipment including a Panasonic DVX100B and I am doing my editing currently on a PowerBook G4 that is about 3-4 years old, it works pretty well (its a mac duh) but for editing I need more power for, well you know why.

    Thanks for your help and recomendations.
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    I'd buy a Mac Pro (and intel based Mac) not a G5 (a PPC based Mac). The performance between the two is huge and there are already features in current apps that are "intel only". You can always by refurb machines from Apple if you are worried about shady deals.


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